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Aroma Oil Massage (Lomi Lomi)

​Aroma oil massage (Lomi Lomi)
Hawaii Lomi Lomi Aroma Body Massage is an oil massage that is performed by the traditional healing method used by ancient Hawaiians as a medical treatment.
Our Lomi Lomi Massage is our original body massage that mixes the elements of aroma oil massage and oriental manipulative treatment in addition to the technique of oil treatment of the whole body using not only the palm but also the elbows and arms.
In addition to the complicated hand movements that have never been received before, the technique of approaching the deep muscles of the deep bottom is added, so after the treatment, the fatigued parts such as shoulders, hips and legs are surprisingly lightened. You can taste. Furthermore, since the treatment is performed using aroma oil, not only physical fatigue after office work and training but also relaxation effects such as mental stress can be expected.

Aroma Oil Massage (LomiLom) & Testicle Massage 

Aroma oil massage (Lomi Lomi)
+ Calsai Nathan (testicle & internal organs massage)
What is [Calsai Nathan]?

It is one of the traditional Thai massages and is said to be the "ultimate detox massage".

A treatment that combines a testicle massage called "Japkasai" and a visceral detox massage called "Chinaisan" that approaches the abdomen is called "Kalsai Nathan".


In addition to the visceral detoxification effect of Chinaisan, the effect is said to be effective in enhancing energy, restoring renal function, lower back pain, and relieving back pain by stimulating the testicles and the lymph around them. As for the effect of direct stimulation, it is said that the health enhancement of the testicles increases blood flow, increases the hardness at the time of erection, and increases the amount of semen.

メンズ フェイシャル エステ

Men's Facial

Facial massage esthetic
Men's face care that has become established as a grooming. A man who works crunchy is cool, but if you get tired on your face, it will be ruined! For men who are busy and neglected, let's restore the bare skin to a healthy state with facial care of men's esthetics!
All courses include an all-hand lymphatic massage and a peel-off type high-quality collagen pack, so after the treatment, your complexion will become brighter by one tone and you will feel a tight and firm face.
["Men's skin quality" that can be understood by male staff]
Our salon's men's facial esthetics are "men's facial courses" for men who are considered by active estheticians and male therapists of a famous salon from a male perspective. For those who are interested in beauty salons but are reluctant to pay high prices, we have introduced full-scale beauty treatment equipment at our salon, although the price is set significantly lower than the market price. Please feel at ease.

Body Massage & FACIAL

Body massage & facial set
This is a popular course that includes an aroma oil massage (Lomi Lomi) and a facial esthetic course.
If you make a reservation from here, the set discount is already applied, so you can save 1000 yen compared to making a reservation separately.
Please use it as your own maintenance once a month.
Combinations other than the menus below can be arranged. If you would like other combinations, please contact us,

Acupuncture Men's Esthe

Male whole body beauty acupuncture
Beauty acupuncture is recommended for those who have problems with their faces such as tired faces, small faces, and lift-ups, and those who have problems with poor physical condition, which are common among men.
Cosmetological acupuncture can be expected to have cosmetic effects such as rough skin, sagging, and swelling by stimulating the acupuncture points and muscles of the face and promoting blood circulation, metabolism, and collagen production.
We aim to build a healthy body by working from the deep part on acupuncture points (acupuncture points) and stiff muscles, activating the original "natural healing power" of human beings. We perform treatment according to various symptoms. Please feel free to contact us.

While aiming for a face that gives a youthful and energetic impression, we will support you to improve the scalp environment, eyestrain from work, gastrointestinal and liver function improvement, and to produce maximum performance.

(Note: We ask all those who can receive the "Men's Whole Body Beauty Acupuncture" menu to read the consent form and sign it. If you do not sign it, we will refuse the treatment. Please note that.)

You can see the template here for the contents of the consent form.

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